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Sisterhood of The Dark Moon


Many of you who have followed me over the past 7 years will already be aware that I am a devotee of the Goddess Hecate. My pantheon has always been greek so therefore all of my deities were too. For the past five years I have spent the majority of my time working with Hecate during my spell work and have dedicated time to delving deeper into her history in order to connect to her in the most meaningful way possible.

Several nights ago I was meditating by my altar. I often do this when the boys are in bed and I have finished my work day, when all is quiet. I can usually push thoughts out of my mind when meditating but this night was different.

Over the past year I have understandably received an increased number of emails from customers in search of help, guidance and healing. The pandemic has been hard on us all, but for some it has deeply affected their mental health, taken away much loved family members and friends and made others gravely ill with lasting effects. This has played on my mind almost constantly as I feel unable to help to the extent that I wish I could. I have no trouble in recommending herbs,crystals, spells that may be of benefit but its a deeper emotional connection to their sister witches that many people are yearning for during these difficult times and it's hard to do that through a computer.

I myself have seldom left the house, other than for mandatory hospital visits, since March of 2020 as my little one has cystic fibrosis so we are in a constant state of sheilding. Although this can be a struggle, I count my blessings each day that we are all safe and well and I find peace in meditation and my rituals and spellwork.

I don't talk much about my devotion to Hecate as I don't want to be seen as a preacher or influencer of others when it comes to witchcraft. To each their own has always been my belief and I will never stray from that.

The idea that came to me during meditation was a way in which I could connect more deeply on a spiritual level to my customers and followers to bring help and guidance through my own spell work. I am also hoping that other Hekatean witches or those with a greek pantheon will join me in this montly ritual. Combined power brings amplified manifestation and I would be honoured to have others join me to bring healing and strength to others through these difficult times and beyond.

Each month on the night of the New Moon I honour Hecate at my altar with candles, crystals and herbs that correspond to her. I recite my own ritual wording, which I have reworded a little to be recited by more than just one witch. You dont need an elaborate altar to complete the ritual, simply lighting a candle inside of a sacred circle and focusing on amplifying the energy that the sisterhood is simultaneouly raising will suffice.

The idea is to raise healing and positive energy for those in need of help and to request of Hecate that she guide us in helping others. We will also share this positive energy with others in the sisterhood, helping and supporting eachother as an online coven. I will write my ritual wording below, followed by the new moon dates for this year.

If you would like to join the sisterhood of the dark moon and lend your personal power to the monthly ritual then please let me know in the comments below, giving your name, so that I may add it to the sisterhood list at the bottom of this page. Please note that you are more than welcome to join if you are male. The sisterhood is the name that came to me along with the concept during meditation which I take as guidance, it doesn't mean that the sisterhood is exclusive to women.

Once you have confirmed that you would like to join the sisterhood please click the link below. The link will take you to a page where you will be able to add the ritual wording scroll to your cart. This will be printed out on A4 parchment paper and is free of charge with only the postage to pay. If you don't wish to have the scroll that is absolutely fine but it does make for a lovely addition to your altar that honours Hecate and reminds us of our goal as a sisterhood.

Link To Sisterhood Scroll ~

I look forward to sharing in my monthly New Moon ritual with others and working together to inject some much needed positive energy into the universe.

Bless you all!

Leanne xx


Search sisters of the dark moon on instagram to join my dedicated account where we can follow eachother, share our ritual pictures and Hecate related content



Ritual Date: New Moon (monthly dates below)

Time: I usually perform my new moon ritual at 8.30pm and will continue to do so for those who wish to perform their ritual simultaneously. If you aren't able to commit to a certain time please don't worry, a time to suit you on the night of the new moon is absolutely fine.

Before you begin, cast a circle, prepare other crystals/herbs/oils that correspond to Hecate (if using) and light your candle. Focus on the flame of your candle as you recite the following words:

"On this, the night of the dark moon I call upon you mighty Hecate, queen of witchcraft, Magick and the night to bless my sisters.  

May your torch of fire illuminate the path before us so that we may pass through your veil to honour you and be guided by the lessons unlocked by your sacred keys.

May your keys unlock the strength and courage to overcome obstacles on our journey.

May your keys unlock Happiness and Peace so that we may live in harmony and contentment.

May your keys unlock compassion and kindness so that we may guide and heal others.

May your keys unlock potent power that enables us to send forth our positive energy and Intentions to the universe, to bring help where it is needed most.

We thank you Hecate, for the many blessings you bestow upon us, for the lessons that guide us and for the mysteries that you reveal to us.

We honour you dark mother, through each turn of the wheel. We stand at your side at the crossroads, in eternal reverence and love.

We Hail to thee Hecate, Queen of all witches. May this sisterhood of the dark moon be ever blessed in your name.

So mote it be!"

Once wording has been recited, focus on raising energy. You may wish to visualise your positive energy as a bright white light collecting at the top of your sacred circle's cone of power. Once you feel this is complete, release and direct your energy to the universe to bring help and comfort to those who need it, visualise it merging with the combined energy of the sisterhood.




February 11th

March 13th

April 12th

May 11th

June 10th

July 10th

August 8th

September 7th

October 6th

November 4th (Super New Moon)

December 4th (Super New Moon)




(I will check for new members once weekly and update the list)

Leanne Darcy

Catherine Evans

Noddie Neale

Kira Poultney

Lara Garden

Sarah LeFay

Karen Porter

Allyson Harrison

Kathrine Owen

Hayley Coltman

Maggie Moon

Sheridan Powell

Rachel Small

Alyssa Bibby

Samantha Lyons

Emma Hind

Clare Thompson

Natalie Abraham

Pamela Maria

Shelley Sands

Stephanie Humphreys

Gemma Jones

Natalie Mcpeak

Louise Creek

Sally Hughes

Alison Williams

Sarah Waring

Michelle Landy

Karen Barlow

Emma Magowan

Amy Richards

Claire Jordan

Pauline Dix

Danielle Marrone

Karen Bates

Tracey Bourne

Emma Eyre

Mary Benjamin 

Michelle Miller

Nicola Mulenga


Vicki Mckenzie

Caitriona McKenna

Donna Allison

Heather Riley

Alex Fry

Anna Zall

Katherine McLean

James Brown

Rachael Carswell

Sarah Mayne

Kim Rusbridge



Jade Wilkies

Madeline Wood

Abi Knowles

Ally R

Jane Sandy

Michelle Baird

Paula Rose

Lucy Galvin

Chrysanthi Karavi


Lavina Lilas


Megan Weller

Christa Bee

Keishia Vockins

Lisa Ford

Kelly Ree

Annmarie Ferguson

Leah Bowman

Kirstie Thompson

Michelle Hunt

Jess Clark

Sharon Maloney

Margaret McKendrick

Glynne Chilton

Dawn Watkins

Hellen Evans

Grant Ford

Beth Whiston

Lydia Daley

Sharon Barrett

Katherine Passmore

Jenine Larsen

emma Graham

Annette Medlock

Seaneen Oloan



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  • Teresa Roberts on

    Hello i want to join you please blessed be

  • Cheryl Woods on

    Please may I be added to the sisterhood list. Blessing be.

  • Susan Morrison on

    Please may I be added to the sisterhood list. Blessing be.

  • Sophie Jayne Burge on

    Hi leanne,
    I would love to join the sisterhood I’m new to witchcraft and slowly learning about it and deity work through books and YouTube, would be grateful if you would add me xx

  • Kate on

    Please add me to the sisterhood
    Blessed be xx

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