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Jewellery Silver Plated chain Aura Keeper Necklace

Aura Keeper Necklace
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The Aura Keeper Necklace features a silver plated dragon pendant. Suspended from the Pendant is a detailed silver plated pendulum cage containing a glow in the dark aura. We at MoonChild were very impressed by just how much the aura glows.. the aura is charged by wear in the daylight and glows brightly as soon as the light begins to fade.

The pendant is provided with your choice of either 20 inch silver plated chain or adjustable wax coated cord necklace. Presented in a drawstring pouch.

Pendant drop length: 9cm

Pendant width: 3cm


 what makes the Orb glow? 

The resin Orb is infused with new glow in the dark technology. It is non toxic, non radioactive and requires daylight or electrical light to charge. It glows 10 times brighter and 10 times longer than previous glow in the dark technology. To quick charge your Orb simply shine your phone torch on it for around 30 seconds 



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