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Aphrodite Arcana Face & Body Anointing Oil

Aphrodite Arcana Face & Body Anointing Oil
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Aphrodite Arcana Oil is made by me (Leanne) with pure Argan and Rosehip oil with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Each oil is then infused with full sized rose quartz and amethyst tumble stones, further amethyst and rose quartz chips, Jasmine and chamomile essential oils and dried jasmine flowers, butterfly pea flowers, chamomile flowers and rose petals.

The blend is then solar infused on my outdoor altar, for no less than 3 days, before being put into stock to sell. You may wish to keep the blend in sunlight (either on a windowsill or a safe outdoor space) to further infuse the oil with the vitamin and antioxidant rich flowers contained within the oil. 

This blend can be used on both the face and body for luxuriously smooth and hydrated skin.

This blend is also perfect as a self anointing oil before any kind of attraction/manifestation spell work

The blend comes in a 100ml clip top airtight jar to keep your blend fresh and potent. 

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