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Bewitchment Chest

Bewitchment Chest
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The bewitchment Chest consists of a hinged wooden box with beautifully Carved Triple moon design (previously Pentacle design) Inside your chest there is a variety of supplies needed for cleansing & charging items and spell casting


Contents Of Bewitchment Chest


  • MoonChild Manifestation Blend ~ a blend of herbs, flowers and resins to bring heightened energy and luck to your spells, charm pouches and Enchantments 


  • MoonChild Negativity Clearing Incense Blend ~ Add a little to your lit charcoal disc and use to cleanse your sacred space, candles, tools and crystals to cleanse them of negative energy before use
  • Charcoal Disc ~ For use with negativity clearing incense blend. Place your disc in a fireproof holder, light it and add a little of your incense blend
  •  Incense Cones ~ Dragons Blood incense cones to represent the elements of fire and air in ritual.. or to simply make your home smell magical!
  • Smudge Stick ~ this desert smudge stick can be used to cleanse yourself, your house, car, sacred space, crystals and altar tools
  • Himalayan salt ~ to cleanse ~ Mix a little of this highly powerful salt with rainwater and sprinkle around the border of your sacred space or home to clear of negative energy and offer protection
  • Beeswax Candle ~ hand rolled and fantastic quality. 
  • Amethyst Crystal ~ Amethyst is a powerful crystal which raises energy and magnifies the power of your spell work, blessings and charm pouches. It attracts good luck and offers powerful protection 


Chest measures 4X5 inches. Features hinge topped lid


Please note: image shows bewitchment box containing manifestation oil. I have since updated the chest to contain my own negativity clearing incense resin blend and charcoal disc in which to burn it

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