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Kitchen Witch Wax Melts ~ Witch’s Brew

Kitchen Witch Wax Melts ~ Witch’s Brew
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These magical melts come straight from the witches kitchen. Handmade by me (Leanne), I created these herb infused melts to fill your home with a magickal aroma that simultaneously aids in manifestation of spells by raising positive energy 

My melts are made using 100% biodegradable eco soy wax for a clean, long burn that throws fragrance wonderfully. Witches brew contains a high quality blend of oils plus dried vervain, Mugwort, Rose petals and a little sparkling black glitter for a magical finishing touch. 

Your melts will arrive in a six cavity clam shell allowing you to break off a melt as needed. 

Scent lasts for around 12 hours per melt but can be much longer, depending on the heat of your burner. 

Burn within sight. Keep away from things that catch fire, also from children and pets. Do not add oils or water. Use only in oil burners. Flame should be 3 cm from the pot. 

Vegan Friendly 

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