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Jewellery,Chakra Items Chakra Balancing Pendant Kit

Chakra Balancing Pendant Kit
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A lovely Chakra pendant kit that with interchangeable crystals, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs from day to day. The kit includes a silver plated spiral holder and a set of 7 crystals 

Each Chakra point corresponds to various emotional, physical and mental properties. stress, illness, unhealthy lifestyle, to name a few,  can lead to the chakra points to becoming imbalanced which in turn creates further issues. Each crystal in your kit is specifically chosen because they resonate well with the corresponding chakras, cleansing and rebalancing them with wear

Kit contains:

1 x Silver plated spiral wire holder and chain

1 x Clear Quartz crystal

1 x Amethyst crystal

1 x Sodalite crystal

1 x Green quartx crystal

1 x Citrine crystal

1 x Agate crytstal

1 x Hematite crystal


The Chakra pendant kit is attractively presented in a foam lined box, with each of the crystals and their use on the back.

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