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Jewellery,Angels, Gods & Goddess Tarragon Casket Necklace ~ Peridot

Tarragon Casket Necklace ~ Peridot
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The Tarragon Casket necklace features a beautifully detailed silver plated Dragon pendant with winding tail and splayed wings.

Suspended from the dragon is a bullet shaped Crystal pendant. The pendant features a lower clear quartz wand with rounded tip. Clear quartz is a high vibration crystal which is known to cleanse negative energy and amplify the power of other crystals nearby.

Above the clear quartz is a glass casket containing Peridot Crystal Chips. Peridot helps to dissipate negative patterns and old vibrations that keep repeating themselves. This beautiful Yellow Green Crystal removes blockages and assists you move forward quickly, opening the heart and mind more fully to receive from the Universe with gratitude. A powerful crystal of luck, Peridot helps to draw success and prosperity to its wearer.

The pendant is fitted to a silver plated trace chain measuring 20 inches in length

Pendant Measures approximately 10cm in length

Presented in a drawstring pouch 

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