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Moonlit Goddess Necklace

Moonlit Goddess Necklace
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The Moonlit Goddess Necklace features an antique silver plated filigree locket containing a blue glow in the dark aura. We at MoonChild were very impressed by just how much the aura glows.. the aura is charged by wear in the daylight and glows brightly as soon as the light begins to fade.

The pendant features a filigree capped Azurite crystal orb at each side of the bale which are fixed to a 20 inch silver plated chain with Pentacle charm at each side. 

Presented in a drawstring pouch.

Azurite Crystal Correspondences:

  • Activates Third Eye Chakra
  • Increases Inner Wisdom
  • Healing
  • Releases a constant flow of powerful energy
  • Attunes the mind to spiritual guidance
  • Amplifies Psychic Ability




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