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Jewellery Abalone Spiral Necklace

Abalone Spiral Necklace
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This beautiful pendant is created with shimmering abalone shell. A spiral of this magical shell is inset against a jet black shell background which makes the colours even more bold and vibrant.

The pendant is fitted with a silver plated bale and comes with your choice of 20 inch chain or wax coated cord necklace of adjustable length


Abalone Magical Correspondences:

Abalone Shells hold a powerful elemental bond with the Earth and harbour strong healing capabilities. Abalone is closely connected to that of the Water element corresponding with cleansing the aura, vibrations of Love, Gentleness, Caring, Compassion and Peace.

Abalone is a powerful tool of protection and has been used in this way for centuries in the form of jewellery, amulets and statues.

Abalone helps to stimulate psychic development and intuition while promoting the power of imagination. It has a soothing vibration that can help calm emotions, reduce stress and anxiety.


Spiral Meaning:

The spiral is a special phenomenon in nature and seen regularly. For example, matter of a galaxy is organised in a spiral way. Also, one can find the spiral in flora and fauna of this planet: in the way leaves of a fern are curled up and in the many variations of shells and the cochlea of a snail. Like a labyrinth, the spiral is a symbol for our journey through life: A journey to inner life, to the core of being.

Presented in a drawstring pouch

Pendant measures 3cm in diameter

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