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Angel Blessings Charm Pouch

Angel Blessings Charm Pouch
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This beautiful, deep blue velvet Charm Pouch contains

  • Angel figurine, measuring 40mm in height, carved from high grade Fluorite crystal 
  • A blend of herbs, roots, flowers and Resins which correspond to drawing luck and prosperity 
  • A selenite chunk which attracts divine guidance, happiness and tranquility 
  • A silver plated angel charm attached to the outer strings of the Charm Pouch 

Fluorite Correspondences :

Fluorite is good for cleansing the aura. It can also be used to purify surroundings: placing several pieces of Fluorite on your computer desk or around your workplace will reduce stressful and negative influences. Fluorite also brings to the mind clarity and sharpness, boosts its abilities of focus and concentration. It allows absorbing the new information faster and better, making it an invaluable study tool. Fluorite is ideal for meditation - not only it helps to concentrate, but also boosts intuition. Fluorite allows its wearer to get rid of harmful and distracting illusions. This stone generally improves mental abilities.

 Use: Carry your Charm Pouch with you or hang/place somewhere special to draw good luck, divine guidance and blessings. Once a month when the moon is full, remove your angel and selenite from the Pouch and place outdoors or on a windowsill to charge with the powerful energy of the moon. This will keep your crystals working to the best of their ability 

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