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Magick Manifestation Oil ~ Custom Blends

Magick Manifestation Oil ~ Custom Blends
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Magick Manifestation Oils are made to order here at MoonChild for each customer, ensuring optimum freshness and a blend that is truly personalised. Each oil is made to my own unique blend, containing the higest quality base oils, essential oils and crystals to correspond with and assist in manifesting your chosen enchantment. 

How to order your custom blend: please let me know your requirements in the order comments at checkout. Alternatively you can message me via email or our Facebook page, first quoting your order number so that I’m able to make the relevant notes on your order page. 

Each manifestation oil will be blended to both smell beautiful and rebalance your energy and Aura, Bringing both into harmony.

Negative energy that builds up around us, through feelings, thoughts, unhealthy patterns and/or upsetting events lead us to surround ourselves with harmful energy. In turn, this creates emotional and spiritual blockages. Removing these energies and blockages allows for positive energy and blessings to be received. The Magick manifestation oil is blended to do just that and will also help to attract the specific manifestation that you wish to receive once your energy is rebalanced, through the use of powerful, corresponding crystals.

The Oil comes in a 10ml glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball for easy, non spill application. The bottles are fitted with a black top and are finished with labels on the back and front, stating what the oil is for and application directions.

We only use the highest quality coconut, vitamin E and Argan base oils and 100% pure essential oils in our blends. There are no nasty chemicals whatsoever. The combination of Argan, vitamin E and Coconut oils create a truly luxurious base for the blends, which allows for optimum absorption of the essential oils and a smooth application which leaves the skin soft and moisturised.

The blends are made to a 2% dilution which is generally safe for even sensitive skin but do perform a test on a small area of skin before use.


Crystals: The crystals are visible in each vial but will be kept safely inside due to the roller ball. The crystals for each blend will be chosen by me, based on the enchantment you have selected. 

Blessed Be, 

Leanne xx 


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