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Jewellery Gold Plated 20 Inch Chain Divine Spirit Necklace

Divine Spirit Necklace
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The Divine Spirit Necklace features a bronze tone Triquetra pendant which suspends a beautiful rough Amethyst crystal. The Amethyst crystals' top section has been gold electroplated to give it a wonderful finish that tones it in with the rest of the necklace.

Fitted with your choice of gold plated chain measuring 20 inches in length or an adjustable cord necklace

Measures: as these amethyst crystals are rough they all measure slightly differently. The smallest of which are shown in the product images. Your pendant will measure at least 6.5cm in length

Presented in a drawstring pouch


Amethyst Crystal Correspondences: Protection, Healing, Physchic Awareness, Amplifies personal power, raises energy in spell work





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