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Tranquility Goddess Necklace

Tranquility Goddess Necklace
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The Tranquility Goddess Necklace features a silver plated Triquetra with interwoven heart symbol fitted to an ornate, fancy bale. Suspended from the pendant is a crystal orb of your choice and a beautifully polished Spiral Goddess pendant

 The Pendant measures 7cm in length

Your pendant arrives with your choice of deep purple ribbon cord necklace of adjustable length or nickel free silver plated chain measuring 18 inches in length.

Presented in a drawstring pouch.


Crystal Colours & Properties:

Amethyst ~ Purple ~ Good Luck, Protection, Amplifies personal power and psychic ability

Aventurine ~ Green ~ Good Luck, Success, Prosperity, Attracts Wealth

Sodalite ~ Blue ~ Healing, Love, Inner Peace

Opalite ~ Pearlescent ~ Tranquility, Healing, Peace

Onyx ~ Black ~ Protection, Banishment of Negative Energy, Entity or person

Rose Quartz ~ Pink ~ Love, Healing, Inner Peace


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