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Amethyst Point Goddess Necklace

Amethyst Point Goddess Necklace
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The Amethyst Goddess Pendants are carefully made by hand ( not molds) from high quality jet black clay.

The Goddess features raised arms which hold the cord necklace, silver spiral detailing and is fitted with an Amethyst crystal point at her waistline, which is held in place by a silver twist of clay.

You may also select an enchantment of blended herbs to be infused into the clay of your goddess. If you'd rather not have a herbal enchantment infused into your goddess then please select 'none' from the enchantment drop down menu.

If you have chosen a herbal enchantment for your goddess we will also inscribe the back of your goddess with the wording, written in Theban (Witches Alphabet). This strengthens the enchantment further. Should you have opted for no enchantment then the base of your goddess will be left blank.

Finished in a high shine, heat and waterproof glaze.

The Goddesses measure approximately 7.5cm in length

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties ~  Good Luck, Protection, Healing, Ending Addiction, Absorbs and dispels negative energy, Master Healing stone


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