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Enchanted Quartz Raven Skull ~ Witchcrafted

Enchanted Quartz Raven Skull ~ Witchcrafted
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This witchcrafted and enchanted raven skull is handmade by me (Leanne) using resin enforced plaster, making it a sturdy, high quality piece. 

I infuse the plaster with ground herbs, roots and flowers corresponding to protection and banishment of negative energy. 

Once set, the skull is unmoulded and painted in deep purple acrylic. I then hand paint metallic purple detailing onto the skull which highlights the intricate design. 

To finish, the skull is fitted with full size clear Quartz tumble stone eyes and is then coated in a waterproof glaze. 

This magical piece looks amazing on the altar or anywhere in a gothic/witchy home. 

measures 16cm in length by 7cm across by 5cm in height 

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