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Adjustable Larimar Ring

Adjustable Larimar Ring
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These silver plated Rings feature a central cradle which hold a beautiful, high grade Larimar crystal cabochon. The Larimar cabochon is held in place by claw clasps and all rings feature various detail at either side of the crystal. 

Each ring is fully adjustable so will fit any finger size 

these rings are either one off or two will be available at most, so they are very limited in stock 

Presented in a drawstring pouch

Larimar Properties: 

Larimar is a rare, blue type of pectolite. It helps coping with changes and take control of the course of your life. It supports inner calm, clarity and counterbalances self destructive behaviour. Larimar is also beneficial when dealing with anxiety, stress, guilt and extreme emotions.
This gem stimulates action and at the same time helps to let things go when needed. Larimar improves meditation-concentration and supports contact with guides and angels. On the physical level, this stone supports the self-healing ability of the body; it soothes pain, and supports problems with  lungs, throat, chest, heart and cartilage

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