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Jewellery Angel & Fairy Seed Bracelets

Angel & Fairy Seed Bracelets
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The beautiful Angel Seed & Fairy Seed Bracelet are threaded with hundreds of sparkling green beads that shimmer in a variety of beautiful tones in the light. There are many options available with this unique bracelet which are summarised below:

1) Choose Your Charm Set:

Either set of charms (Angel or Fairy) can be added to the bracelet colour of your choice

2) Choose Your Leaf Enchantment:

The leaf colour will match the colour of your bracelet ( Green for Green, Purple for Purple) However, these hand pressed clay leaves can be infused with herbs that correspond to the enchantment of your choice. Options such as Love, Luck, Healing and Protection are available. If you'd prefer for you leaves to contain no enchantment please select 'None' from the enchantment drop down menu.


Measures 21cm in length. Fitted with toggle closing clasp

 Presented in a drawstring pouch

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