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Arcane Nights Necklace

Arcane Nights Necklace
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The Arcane Nights Necklace features a magical, silver plated pentagram pendant engraved with the Futhark Runic Alphabet around its border. Suspended from the bottom of the Pentagram is a Raven skull pendant, hanging from a Lavastone Orb and Pentagram spacer bead

The Pendant measures 8.5cm in length

The pendant is fitted with a Black Ribbon and Cord Necklace and is presented in a drawstring pouch.

Lavastone Metaphysical Properties:

  • A master healing stone
  • Emotional clearing 
  • Energetic balancing
  • Grounding and centering due to its powerful connection to the Earth
  • Dream Work
  • Cleansing Negativity
  • Courage
  • Dissipates Anger

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