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Bewitchery Manifestation Necklace

Bewitchery Manifestation Necklace
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The Bewitchery Manifestation Necklace features a detailed, carved howlite skull sat atop a cork lid which suspends a glass vial, with parchment label reading 'Bewitchery Manifestations'. The vial is filled with a mixture of powerful Hand Blended Herbs, Roots, Woods and amber crystal to attract luck and manifest desires. The vial also contains selenite which corresponds to Moon Magick, due to its ability to draw in the energy of the moon. To keep your vial charged and working at full power, place your pendant on a windowsill in the light of a full moon each month.

Full List Of Vial Contents:

  • Mugwort ~ Lunar herb, Powerful protection, Increases Psychic Ability and personal power, Healing
  • Selenite ~ Moon Magick, Divine Guidance, Cleansing, Protection
  • Vervain ~ Manifestation, Clears Negative Energy, Protection, Wealth, Increases power of other herbs
  • Allspice Pod ~ Success, Healing, Wealth, Courage
  • Wormwood ~ Banishment of negative energy and entities
  • Cinnamon ~ Luck, Manifestation, Money Drawing
  • Willow ~ The Tree Of Witchery, Luck, Prosperity, Success
  • Amber Crystals ~ One of the most ancient and powerful substances on earth for use in all types of witchcraft
  • Acorus Calamus Root ~ Commanding (Gains control over a person or situation)
  • Liquorice Root ~ Commanding (Gains control over a person or situation)
  • Basil ~ Luck, Success, Money Drawing
  • Howlite Crystal (Skull) ~ Inner Peace, Tranquility, Harmony, Positive Energy

The Pendant measures 6.5cm from the top of the bail to the bottom of the vial

The pendant is fitted with your choice of Black Ribbon and Cord Necklace of adjustable length

Presented in a drawstring pouch

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