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Black Salt

Black Salt
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A glass cork topped vial containing my own blend of black salt. I use a combination of Himalayan salt, resins, cauldron scrapings and essential oils to create this powerful salt

Black salt is a traditional and powerful tool for mental, spiritual and physical protection and works to quickly and effectively remove negative energy and entities. 

Use in circle casting, charm vials & pouches, spell work and enchanted jewellery to protect and cleanse energy 

the top of the cork is wax sealed and imprinted with a Pentacle, a powerful symbol of protection. The Vial is tied with cord and Theban Tag. The jar can be washed out once black salt is used up and can be used to store herbs, crystals or turned into a custom charm bottle 

Not for culinary use 

Jar measures 10.5 cm tall by 4.4cm in width 

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