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Broomstick Pendant ~ Sterling Silver

Broomstick Pendant ~ Sterling Silver
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Manufacturer: Peter Stone

Dimensions: 40 mm from top of loop to bottom of pendant

Weight: 1.43 grams

Other information: Made from solid sterling silver.

More About the Symbol of the Broomstick
Broomsticks have been traditionally associated with witches and images depict them flying high through the sky on their brooms, often with their black cats curled up beside them. 

As quaint as the image is, witches (and certainly not 21st century ones) don't ride broomsticks. In fact, the concept is thought to stem from a fertility ritual carried out by pagan women. They used to jump over a plant whilst straddling a broomstick to try and encourage the crops to grow tall and strong. 

It's also likely that the idea of broomstick flying came about after mentions of astral travel and out of body experiences, where an aspect of the body 'flies,' as some witches do partake in exploring such experiences.

Presented in a drawstring pouch

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