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Chakra Crystal Chest

Chakra Crystal Chest
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This enchanting, vintage style wooden chest features brass tone metal hinges, fastener and a carved Pentacle on its lid.  Inside your chest there are seven chakra rebalancing crystal tumblestones measuring 20-30mm in length and a 5ml glass dropper bottle containing our Chakra Annointing oil to keep your crystals working at high vibration when in use.


Chakra Crystals Contained

Crown ~ Clear Quartz (Clear) ~ Connects us to the divine, higher guidance, Raises vibration and amplifies energy of other crystals nearby

Third Eye ~ Amethyst (Purple) ~ Self Knowledge, Psychic Power, Protection, ending addiction, spiritual awareness

Throat ~ Sodalite (Blue) ~ Communication, Self Expression, Inner Peace, Tranquility, Healing

Heart ~ Aventurine (Green) ~ Love, Compassion, Connection To The Goddess, Luck, Success, Prosperity

Solar Plexus ~ Tigers Eye (Golden Brown) ~ Promotes intuition, intellect, ambition and personal power

Sacral ~ Carnelian ( Orange ) ~ Helps passion, endurance, creativity, strength and vitality, Confidence

Base ~ Onyx (Black) ~ Strength, Courage, Helps with physical energy, stability, security, grounding, protection and patience.


How To Use:

On a full moon, take the crystals from your chest and place them on a windowsill or somewhere safe outdoors, to soak up the powerful energy. Leave the crystals to charge overnight. You should do this each month to keep them fully charged and working to the best of their ability.

 When you are ready to use your crystal/s, hold them in one palm and add a drop of the annointing oil provided to each one individually with your other hand, focusing on the intention you wish to use it for whilst doing so. It's important to hold a crystal whilst focusing your intention upon it as this will create a connection between your own energy and that of the crystal.

You may wish to use the entire set at once to cleanse and rebalance your chakra points or you may wish to use an individual crystal for its personal correspondences (Aventurine for luck, onyx for protection etc). I have listed several metaphysical properties for each crystal in the list above for reference should you wish to use them for the latter method.

 Chest Measures: 3 x 2 Inches

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