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Jewellery,Angels, Gods & Goddess Chakra Falls Pentacle Necklace

Chakra Falls Pentacle Necklace
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The Chakra Falls Pentacle necklace features a silver plated Pentacle pendant with engraved elder futhark rune bordering. The Elder Futhark is an ancient divinatory system, consisting of 24 runes (symbols) divided into three groups of eight. Each symbol carries a meaning, in the same way that a deck of tarot cards does.

Cascading from the pentacle are seven chakra balancing crystals. These crystals bring our energy centres back into allignment, offering mental, physical and spiritual healing

The pendant is then fitted to a  silver plated, nickel free trace chain measuring 20 inches in length 

Measures 10cm in length

Presented in a drawstring pouch 

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