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Witch & Spell Craft Full Starter Kit Circle Casting Kit

Circle Casting Kit
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It is always best, before any magickal work is performed, to cast a circle. There are two main reasons for doing so. Firstly, the circle offers protection from negative energy and entities which, without the circle, would be able to enter the sacred space and cause havoc in both our spell work and within our own energy field.


Secondly, the circle acts as a cone of power (hence the hat of a witch being cone shaped). Once cast there is will be a boundary of energy around your circle. This doesn’t go straight up, it forms a cone shape, with the top point being in the very centre of your circle. As we chant, cast spells, sing, dance or even talk inside our circle it raises energy. Without a properly cast circle this energy cannot build, it will simply disperse, making your spell work much less effective. With a sacred circle cast the energy will build at the top of the cone, gathering until we are ready to release and visualise it being sent to the place we most need it to go.


I’m regularly asked questions on both our website and social media pages about how to cast spells. I always begin with the importance of circle casting. More often than not people are unaware of the importance of this step and the reasons behind it.


There are many ways to cast a circle, many calls to the watchtowers and to various deities from across the pantheons. You may only identify as a witch and not with any Gods or Goddesses so may not wish to invite deity to your circle. We have included this step as we work closely with various  Gods & Goddesses within our coven, the ones whom we invite for each ritual depends on the spell work involved and who will best aide us to reach our goal. You can simply invite the Goddess should you wish to.


Here I’ve put together a simple circle casting kit to walk you through the very basics of forming a sacred protective circle. You can add or take away (invoking of Deity) from the ceremony as required.


Contents Of Kit


  • Directional Crystals x4 (to represent the elements)


  • Spirit Crystal x1 ( to be placed in the centre of your circle )


  • Smudge Stick (to Cleanse Sacred space and represent the Elements of Fire & Air)


  • Charged Sea salt ( charged by the witches of The Moonchild Coven ~ To cleanse sacred space and represent the elements of Water & Earth)


  • Herb Sachet ~ This is a blend of herbs from our own book of shadows, used to heighten energy and bring success to your magickal workings. You can place these in an offering dish, cauldron or suitable container in the centre of your circle or on your Altar.


  • Beeswax Candle ( a work candle used to bring success to your spells )


  • 5 page Instructions

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