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Crystal Charging Chest

Crystal Charging Chest
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This enchanting, vintage style wooden chest features brass tone metal hinges, fastener and decoration.  Inside your chest there is a blend of cleansing and energy raising herbs, himalayan salt, flowers and resins and natural selenite crystal pieces.

Selenite is an element of creation. Intensifying the light frequency, the resurgence of Selenite enhances our consciousness. This extremely sensitive, powerful healing crystal acts just like “liquid light” from the angelic realm and universe and will charge your crystals with a beautiful energy. Selenite is a very powerful crystal to use in Moon Magick.

Your box will come with a starter crystal. We have given a choice of several and listed their colours and correspondences below ~

Amethyst (Purple) ~ Protection, ending addiction, spiritual awareness

Turquenite (Turquoise) ~ Inner Peace, Tranquility

Carnelian ( Orange ) ~ Confidence

Citrine (Yellow) ~ Money

Lapis Lazuli ~ Success

Fluorite ~ Increases psychic abilities, Healing

Onyx (Black) ~ Protection, Absorbs negativity

Clear Quartz (Transparent) ~ Amplifies the power of other crystals, clear thought

 Rainbow Hematite ( Rainbow tones) ~ Protection, Psychic Ability

Rose Quartz (Pink) ~ Attracts Love, Promotes Self Love, All Round Healing

Tigers Eye ( Brown/Gold) ~ Strength, Courage, Confidence

How To Use:

The herbs will be contained in a ziplock bag inside the chest (you won't thank us if we leave them loose and you end up cleansing and charging your whole living room upon opening the chest! )

On a full moon, empty your herb blend into the chest. Place the crystal/s you wish to charge in the centre of your herbs.

Take the chest and place it on a windowsill/outside in the moon light and leave until morning. Your crystals will be nicely charged and ready to focus your intention on.

Close your box and keep somewhere safe ready for the next full moon


chest measures6 x 6 x 6cm


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