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Witch & Spell Craft,Jewellery,Home & Outdoor Decoration Amethyst / Silver Plated Snake Chain Crystal Owl  Necklace

Crystal Owl Necklace
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The Crystal Owl Necklace features a detailed owl with a choice of Crystal Orb breast. The pendant is finished with a choice of either chain or wax coated cord choker.

Presented in a drawstring pouch.

Pendant measures 4cm in length
Crystal Orb Measures approximately 16mm in diameter

Crystal Colours & Correspondences ~

Blue Goldstone ~ Sparkling Deep Blue ~ Deflector of unwanted energies, Protection

Onyx ~ Black ~ overcoming grief, wisdom, helps to encourage good choices, calms negativity, confidence

Rose Quartz ~ Pale Pink ~ Love, Healing, Inner Peace

Opalite ~ Iridescent White ~ Healing, Stabilise Emotions, Allows us to realise our highest potential

Amethyst ~ Purple ~ Protection, Healing, Ending Addiction

Tigers Eye ~ Gold & Brown ~ Inner Strength, Wealth, Money, Stability, Inner Calm

Turquenite ~ Turquoise ~ Relaxation, Meditation, Clear Thought


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