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Crystal Wishing Well Necklace

Crystal Wishing Well Necklace
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The Crystal Wishing well necklace features a cork topped glass vial filled with crystals of your choice. Each crystal holds magical correspondences as listed below. A double sided 3D wishing well pendant is mounted on top of the cork. The wishing well features lovely, intricate detailing including a tiled roof and handle. The pendant is then fitted with a silver plated bale.

To keep the magical properties of the crystals working to the best of their ability, place your pendant on a windowsill in the light of a full moon each month to charge the crystals.

Pendant measures: 7cm in length

Provided with a 20 inch silver plated chain 


Crystal Correspondences:

Amber: Protection, Healing, Calming, Soothing and repairing the energy system

Amethyst: Attracts Good Luck, Amplifies Personal Power, Amplifies Psychic Ability

Aventurine: Good Luck, Success, Prosperity

Chakra: A blend of crystals to rebalance the energy centres (chakra points) and bring the body back into physical and spiritual alignment

Turquenite: Inner Peace, Happiness, Tranquility



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