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Divine Witchery Botanical

Divine Witchery Botanical
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The Divine Witchery Blend is contained in a 10ml glass bottle, filled with Full moon charged Amethyst crystal chips. The rollerball, used to apply the oil, is made of Stainless steel 

Each blend is made to order by me (Leanne), ensuring optimum freshness. Divine Witchery is kind and nourishing to the skin.. plus it smells magical (a very forest, earthy aroma). 

This blend works to to cleanse amplify intuition and psychic ability, cleanses negative energies from within and around you and offers powerful protection. This is wonderful to use during Spell work, ritual and day to day when you want to feel and smell super witchy! 

The oil is hand blended to order using 100% pure essential oils in a skin nourishing sweet almond base. 


Suggested uses:

  • Apply to wrists, Third Eye, chest or soles of feet as required 


Divine Witchery Botanical Blend Includes: 

  • Patchouli Essential Oil
  • Vetiver Essential Oil 
  • Ho Wood Essential Oil 
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil 
  • Charged Amethyst Crystal Chips 
  • Charged Obsidian Crystal Chips 


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