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Earth Goddess Facial Oil ~ Anti-Age & Replenish

Earth Goddess Facial Oil ~ Anti-Age & Replenish
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This 100% natural blend contains high quality 100% pure essential and base oils that work to tone, tighten and replenish the skin, reducing fine lines whilst giving your face a moisturised, more youthful glow.

I (Leanne) created this blend for use on my own facial routine as other oils tend to cause breakouts. My blend uses high quality pure rosehip oil as its base. This super moisturing, luxurios base oil is renowned for its anti aging, calming properties and won't overload the pores as it absorbs and dries nicely on skin once applied.

Blended into the rosehip base are 100% pure essential oils of Carrot Seed, Lavender, Chamomile and Rose Geranium. I chose these oils for their combined anti aging, healing and toning properties. Together they work wonderfully to reduce fine lines, tighten and calm the skin.

Finally, clear quartz crystals are added to the blend to bring their own cleansing and healing properties. That completes the ingredients contained..there are no nasty chemicals or preservatives in my blends, just pure nature and a little moonchild magic thrown in for good measure!

 Each bottle is hand blended to order for optimum freshness and potency. The oil comes in a 10ml labelled glass bottle with stainless steel rollerball for precise, Zero waste application 

Each bottle comes presented in a rollerbottle box, labelled on all four sides with directions, full ingredients and directions for use.


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