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Enchanted Elements Amulet
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Containing Crystals and incorporating Colours that represent the Elements. These Amulets feature a Pewter Pentagram, an Ancient symbol of powerful protection and can be used to represent the Elements in Ritual, as a unique decoration for your spiritual Space, to hang in your home/car for protection, or as a necklace

Earth - Green - North: Money, Fertility, Stability, Prosperity

Air- Gold - East: Focus, Knowledge, Freedom, Travel

Fire - Red - South: Protection, Energy, Strength, Banishing Evil/Negativity

Water - Blue - West: Love, Psychic Awareness, Friendship, Marriage

Spirit - Purple - Centre: Peace, Meditation, Healing, Spiritual Growth

Amulets measure approximately 5cm in diameter and  come fitted with an 18 inch necklace chain.

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