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Enchanted Protector Necklace

Enchanted Protector Necklace
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The Enchanted Protector Necklace features a beautifully detailed, Tibetan Silver hamsa hand Charm with inset evil eye bead. The Hamsa hand is observed in many faiths and is a protective symbol bringing Happiness, good luck, fortune and Health to its wearer. The evil eye protects against curses and hexes being placed upon us and prevents negative energy from dwelling within or around us.

The Hamsa charm is set upon a Black Ivy Leaf with hand finished silver vein detail. The Ivy Leaf contains hand blended magickal herbs corresponding to protection and energy cleansing. Once fired, the pendant is then finished with a high shine,  water and heat proof glaze.

The pendant is suspended from an ornate bale and Lavastone orb which is capped with filigree metal cradles.

The pendant comes fitted with your choice of nickel free silver plated chain measuring 18 inches in length or adjustable cord necklace with lobster clasp closure and extender chain. 

Presented in a drawstring pouch.

The  Pendant measures 2 inches in length by 1 inch at its widest point


Lavastone Magical Properties:

  • A master healing stone
  • Emotional clearing 
  • Energetic balancing
  • Grounding and centering due to its powerful connection to the Earth
  • Dream Work
  • Cleansing Negativity
  • Courage
  • Dissipates Anger

As with all of our Witch Crafted Products, the Charmed Forest Necklace is handmade and decorated by the Witches of the MoonChild Coven

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