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Enchantress Necklace

Enchantress Necklace
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The Enchantress necklace features a 20 Inch silver plated chain with an Onyx Crystal orb and hand at the end of each length. The hands meet in the middle to hold a large silver plated Pentacle. From the bottom of the Pentacle, a faceted amethyst point Pendant is suspended. 

Amethyst Correspondences: 

  • Protection,
  • Healing,
  • Psychic Awareness,
  • Amplifies personal power,
  • Raises energy in spell work
  • Attracts good luck

Onyx Metaphysical properties:

  • Absorbs and Dispels Negative Energy and Entities
  • Offers Powerful Protection
  • Brings Clarity and Wisdom to it's wearer
  • Empowering


Presented In a Drawstring Pouch

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