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Fluorite & Amethyst Tree Of Life Bracelet

Fluorite & Amethyst Tree Of Life Bracelet
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This Enchanting Bracelet is fitted with Amethyst & Rainbow Fluorite Crystal orbs, crystal studded spacer beads and a silver plated tree of life charm

 Amethyst Crystal Correspondences:

Protection, Healing, Physchic Awareness, Amplifies personal power, raises energy in spell work


Fluorite Magical Properties:

Used to advance the mind from one mental reality to the next. Aids in fighting mental disorders and helps us to attain spiritual awakening. Balances positive and negative aspects of the mind. A cleaner, fluorite grounds excess energies and helps one work with large amounts of energy. Very focusing. Aids in increasing the assimilation of Life Force into the body

This bracelet is elasticated so one size fits all.

Your Bracelet will arrive in a pretty drawstring pouch, making this a lovely gift to give or receive

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