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Fluorite Apothecary Bottle Necklace

Fluorite Apothecary Bottle Necklace
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These stunning bottle pendants are handcrafted from high grade fluorite crystal. The fluorite is carved and polished into a gorgeous faceted point. Each bottle features a stainless steel screw cap top with gluorite crystal orb cap to keep your chosen contents safely inside the bottle. 

the bottle comes with a miniature pipette, allowing you to easily fill your bottle with the oil or perfume of your choice. 

this is a lovely receptacle to carry your favorite essential oil blend in as it infuses the oil with the beautiful vibration and energy of fluorite crystal 

Rainbow Fluorite Magical Properties:

  • Protection
  • Stabilising
  • Increases Intuitive Abilities
  • Connects the human mind to universal consciousness, opening us up to divine guidance
  • Harmonizes Spiritual Energy
  • Healing 
  • Boosts the immune system 

each bottle measures 5cm in length by 2cm in width and comes fitted with a silver plated 20 inch chain 

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