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Witch & Spell Craft Full Moon Manifestation Spell Kit

Full Moon Manifestation Spell Kit
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Theres no better time to cast a manifestation spell than a full Moon. We've put together this candle magick spell to be cast on a full moon. It comes with our own herb and crystal infused manifestation oil a full instruction scroll with easy steps and wording to manifest your desired outcome.

Kit Contents:

  • Hand Rolled Beeswax Spell Candle
  • Sacred Himalayan Salt for protective circle
  • Crystal & Herb infused Manifestation Oil (to anoint your candle)
  • A Scroll containing your Spell and instructions
  • White Sage Incense Cone (for clearing your spell area of negative energy)

The Spell Kit comes neatly packaged in a cellophane pouch with the label as shown in the image

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