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Full Moon Water

Full Moon Water
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My own blend of full moon is designed to both smell magical and harbour magical properties to cleanse, charge and empower

The moon water comes in a 50ml bottle with black cap 

I only use the highest quality distilled water, rubbing alcohol ( to protect from spoiling and to allow the oils to disperse and linger correctly) and 100% pure essential oils in my blend

This carefully selected blend features essential oils that correspond to the full moon and is also charged by Clear quartz and Amethyst crystals. Each bottle is then cleansed in the smoke of sage smudge before being placed in the full moon light to charge. With this being the case, there will be a limited number of full moon waters available between each full moon. 


To Use:

  • As a perfume ~ For full moon energy empowerment and aura cleansing. 

  • To anoint Spell candles, crystals & tools ~ to cleanse and charge with full moon energy. 

  • Add to bath water ~ Perfect for ritual baths before rituals, spell work and divination. 






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