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Goddess Caller Cleansing Broom ~  Sage & Clear Quartz Enchanted

Goddess Caller Cleansing Broom ~ Sage & Clear Quartz Enchanted
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Handmade by the witches of the MoonChild coven, the Goddess Caller broom features a willow branch handle. Known as the tree of witcheries, this magical wood offers protection, inspiration and success.

Natural Coconut Brush is attached to the willow to form the brush of the broom and a white feather is placed centrally.  The brush is bound with natural hessian twine, White cord string and fitted with a beautiful silver plated spiral goddess charm. Clear Quartz Crystal bell charms are then fitted at each side of the central pendant. 

The raffia can be further enchanted by the 100% pure Sage essential oil soaked into the raffia of the broom. Not only does this smell beautiful, filling your space with a magical aroma but it also corresponds with Protection, Consecration and purification, making this a lovely tool to cleanse your altar or sacred space 

Features a Natural twine hanger should you wish to hang your broom somewhere special. A kraft tag reading ‘Goddess Bless’, written in Theban (the witches alphabet) is attached to the brooms hanger.

presented in a selophane bag which keeps the essential oils fresh and at full strength 

Broom measures approximately 20cm in length


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