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Chakra Items,Witch & Spell Craft Healing Horn Chakra Necklace

Healing Horn Chakra Necklace
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This Stunning Chakra horn necklace is just as Magickal as it looks! Featuring a large antique silver plated Triquetra pendant from which a detailed horn, inset with Chakra Corresponding Crystals, is suspended. Your necklace will come fitted with your choice of 18-20 inch silver plated snake chain or wax coated cord necklace of adjustable length.

Crystal Correspondances:


Crown Chakra - Amethyst - Spiritual awareness, psychic power, self knowledge and insight.

Third Eye - Lapis Lazuli - Psychic perception, imagination, Understanding, intuition

Throat - Turquoise - Promotes communication, flow of sound and self-expression.

Heart - Green Aventurine - Love, forgiveness, compassion and relationships.

Solar Plexus - Tiger Eye - Promotes intuition, intellect, ambition and personal power.

Sacral - Carnelian - Helps passion, endurance, creativity, strength and vitality.

Base - Red Jasper - Helps with physical energy, stability, security, grounding and patience.


Presented in a drawstring pouch

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