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Heart of the Earth Necklace

Heart of the Earth Necklace
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The heart of the earth necklace features a triple moon pendant with central pentacle. Suspended below the triple moon is your choice of black obsidian or fluorite crystal heart

Fitted With a nickel free 20" silver plated chain 

Crystal Correspondences ~

Obsidian ~ formed from cooled volcanic lava, this stone embodies the energy of the volcano :

  • Shield against negativity
  • Protection from the Evil Eye
  • Guards against infidelity
  • Concentrates astral forces
  • Sharpens the mind
  • Suppresses agressive energy


  • Used to advance the mind from one mental reality to the next.
  • Aids in fighting mental disorder and gaining spiritual awakening.
  • Balances positive and negative aspects of the mind.
  • Fluorite is a power cleansing crystal and works to ground excess energies and helps one work with large amounts of energy.
  • Very focusing.
  • Aids in increasing the assimilation of Life Force into the body.
  • As a healing crystal fluorite is wonderful for settling the mind, reducing stress and anxiety, bringing peace and serenity.
  • A wonderful crystal for amplifying psychic and intuitive abilities 

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