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Sage Bound HedgeWitch Broom

Sage Bound HedgeWitch Broom
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Handmade by the witches of the MoonChild coven, the Hedgewitch broom features a traditional willow branch handle. Known as the tree of witcheries, this magical wood offers protection, inspiration and success.

Natural raffia and desert sage are attached to the willow to form the brush of the broom.  The brush is bound with deep red twine, black ribbon and fitted with a silver plated Pentacle charm and twist charms made with spiral wire and star end charms.The spiral twists are fitted with Onyx and Amber crystals.

Amber is one of the most powerful magical substances in existence and holds an array of wonderful Correspondences. Amber is used to raise a witches power, spiritual energy, physchic awareness and holds fantastic Protection and healing properties. Unlike Crystals, Amber not only protects its owner but also itself.. it is immune to absorbing negative energies and influences so will always be working to its fullest potential. 

Onyx holds powerful correspondences in cleansing negative energy and offering protection

Broom measures approximately 20cm in length

features a twine hanger should you wish to hang your broom somewhere special

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