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Jack O Lantern Backflow Burner

Jack O Lantern Backflow Burner
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This gorgeous backflow incense burner takes on the shape of a pumpkin with a jack o lantern face carving. Place your backflow cone inside the dwell on top and watch as the smoke flows down inside the pumpkin, emerging from the eyes, nose and mouth forming a pool of smoke around the base of the pumpkin. A wonderfully spooky effect for all hallows eve!

The Jack o Lantern makes a magical decoration even when not lit. They are beautifully made from thick resin

Please note that this incense burner is designed for use with backflow incense cones, as these produce the backward flowing smoke. Normal cones can be used but please remember that you won't get the downward smoke effect with normal flow cones.


  • Dimensions 11.5 x11.5 x 10.4cm

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