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Kitchen Witch Candle ~ Aura Magick

Kitchen Witch Candle ~ Aura Magick
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The Aura Magick Candle is made from clean burning soybean oil infused with Lavender & Basil Oils to bring a truly magickal, tranquil aroma into your home. Each candle is topped with an Aura point crystal, Amethyst cluster, amethyst and clear quartz crystal chips. Surrounding the crystals is Organic Lavender, Red Rose petals and sparkling silver glitter that shines in a range of pretty rainbow tones. 

The soy candle is contained in a thick recycled glass open top jar. The outside of the Jar is finished with a descriptive label.  

Burn time of 30-35 hours.

height: 80mm, 

width: 70mm

depth: 70mm 

Vegan Friendly


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