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Lavastone Chakra Bracelet

Lavastone Chakra Bracelet
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The stunning lavastone Chakra bracelet is made up of seven beautifully polished crystal orbs which correspond to the Chakra points and two gold plated spacer beads which separate the chakra crystals from the Lavastone orbs. 

Lavastone acts as a wonderful diffuser for essential oils. Add a few drops of your favourite oil to the lavastone to enjoy a beautiful method of aromatherapy. Please ensure that all essential oils which require dilution are properly diluted before adding to the lavastone 

Elasticated to fit all wrist sizes 

presented on a descriptive header card featuring the name, position and correspondences of each chakra crystal 

packaging: drawstring pouch 

Lavastone Magical Properties:

  • A master healing stone
  • Emotional clearing 
  • Energetic balancing
  • Grounding and centering due to its powerful connection to the Earth
  • Dream Work
  • Cleansing Negativity
  • Courage
  • Dissipates Anger


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