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Lavender Dreams Charm Pouch

Lavender Dreams Charm Pouch
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The beautifully fragrant lavender Dreams Charm Pouch consists of a lilac jute drawstring Pouch  filled with organic dried lavender, Himalayan salt infused with organic lavender essential oil and a full sized Amethyst crystal tumblestone. 


  • Hang by your bed or keep underneath your pillow. The beautiful aroma of organic lavender combined with the energy cleansing amethyst crystal helps you to drift off into peaceful sleep 
  • Carry with you for Luck ~ Both Amethyst and Lavender have powerful correspondences for drawing good luck. 
  • Protection ~ Amethyst is a wonderful Crystal for protection and cleansing negative energy 
  • Calming and Inner Peace ~ Carry with you throughout the day to reduce stress and anxiety. The calming aroma of Lavender combined with the negativity clearing amethyst will stabilise your mood and relax you 

The charm bag comes neatly packaged in a cellophane pouch

Pouch Measures: 7cm in length by 5cm in width 

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