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Chakra Items,Jewellery Chain Reiki Moon Necklace

Reiki Moon Necklace
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This beautiful silver plated Chakra rebalancing necklace features a large clear quartz crystal disc studded with central chakra rebalancing crystal cabochons. The crystal disc is set inside a filigree Celtic Crescent moon with a Triquetra charm suspended from its base. This unique pendant comes fitted to an ornate bale and your choice of silver plated chain measuring 20 inches in length or cord of adjustable length

Presented in a Drawstring pouch

Measures 7.5 cm in length by 3.5 cm at its widest point

Crystal Cabochon Correspondences: 

Clear Quartz Crystal ~ Overall Balance of the Chakra System, Amplifies Power Of Other crystals

Amethyst ~ Concerned with understanding, knowledge and mental organising

Sodalite ~ Communication, personal expression and the flow of information

Green Quartz ~ Relationships and personal development

Citrine ~ Gives confidence and Personal Power

Carnelian ~ Gives Stability, energy distribution and physical survival

Agate ~ Encourages creativity, feelings and sexual drive

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