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Jewellery Patchouli Magick Scents Locket

Magick Scents Locket
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This beautiful Tree of life locket is cast from stainless steel and comes with three perfume pads to fit inside. Your necklace will arrive with a 5ml cork topped glass vial containing the essential oil blend of your choice, each of which holds its own magical correspondences (listed below)

Each pad can be washed so that you are able to keep your aroma locket fresh.

Comes fitted with your choice of silver plated snake chain or adjustable cord necklace.

Pendant measures 35mm in length

Presented in a drawstring pouch

Magical Correspondences:


  • Patchouli ~ Attracts Money & Prosperity
  • Lavender ~ Inner Peace & Luck
  • Lemongrass ~ Warding off negative energy
  • Rosemary ~ Improves memory, Success
  • Rose ~ Love, Romance, Luck
  • Rose Geranium ~ Protection, Cleansing
  • Sandalwood ~ Clairvoyance, Divination

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