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Moon Willow Wand ~ WitchCrafted

Moon Willow Wand ~ WitchCrafted
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This unique wand is hand crafted by the witches of the MoonChild Coven. The stem of the wand is dark tone willow wood; known as the tree of witcheries, this magical wood offers protection, inspiration and success.

Each end of the wand holds a midnight black clay cap. The clay is infused with manifestation herbs which aid in spell work. The top of the wand holds an singing quartz crystal point which offers divine guidance and raises personal power, allowing you to effectively direct the energy you raise in spell work. Below the singing quartz crystal, inset into the clay is a silver spiral which holds an amethyst crystal orb at its centre. Amethyst is a powerful crystal for protection, cleansing negative energy and attracting luck.

the bottom cap features an inset, silver plated crescent moon symbol and is completed with an ornate, embossed hanging bale 

The wand is finished in a heat and waterproof glaze

The Wand measures approximately 25cm in length

Please note that this is a handmade item, please allow 2-3 business days for dispatch whilst we craft your wand.

Blessed Be

Leanne xx


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