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Peaceful Vibes Energy Cleansing Kit

Peaceful Vibes Energy Cleansing Kit
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The Peaceful Vibes Kit contains a selection of products to cleanse and rebalance negative energy. The kit comes packaged in a metallic foil ziplock bag which shines in an array of rainbow tones. The pouch keeps all contents dry and potent between uses.

The pack contains:

  •  A scroll of contents and their uses
  • Palo Santo Stick: Palo santo comes from a sacred tree, popularized for its powerful ability in keeping energies grounded and clear.  It creates an enchanting, fresh smoke that raises your vibration and allows for a deeper connection to the Source of all creation. Palo Santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune to those who are open to its magic.

    To use your Palo santo stick simply light one end, wait for around 20-30 seconds and blow out the flame. This will create the sacred, cleansing smoke. If the palo santo begins to go out, blow gently on the ember as this will help it to smoke for longer. Once you have finished this step be sure to place your Palo santo in a fireproof dish or container. It will extinguish by itself and can be used multiple times.

  • Spikenard Incense Rope x3: These highly fragranced incense ropes, often used in temples, contain a highly aromatic blend of red & white sandalwood, cardamom, clove, sunghandi bal and spikenard. Place your rope in a fireproof dish or incense holder and Light the rope at the pointed end. The rope will self extinguish within around 10 seconds, at which point the fragrant smoke will begin to rise. Use this smoke to cleanse the room, place or person desired. Each rope lasts for around 45 minutes

  •  Amethyst Crystal: This powerful crystal holds properties such as drawing luck, health and spiritual awareness but is especially useful in cleansing negative energy and transforming it to positive. Carry this crystal with you to keep your aura balanced and peaceful.

  •  Tea Light Candle: White candles are used to cleanse negative energy, offer protection and promote a peaceful, tranquil environment.

  •  White Sage Incense Cones: White sage is one of the most popular tools with which to cleanse negative energy. Place your cone in an incense holder or fireproof dish, light the top of the cone and wait for around 10 seconds before blowing out the flame, leaving just the ember alight. The resulting smoke will cleanse your space, leaving the energy feeling lighter and healthier.


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