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Pentagram Scrying Mirror

Pentagram Scrying Mirror
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This black square glass scrying mirror features a pentacle symbol in each corner with a knotwork circle design in the middle. 

Measures 17cm square

Pentagram Symbolism:
The upright pentacle is an ancient symbol and has been used in a range of religions throughout time. When enclosed in a circle the five point star becomes a pentagram. One of the points always faces up and this point represents spirit or divinity the other four points represent the four elements earth, fire, air and water. The pentagram is a protective symbol used to banish and ward off evil.

Scrying Bowl or Mirror
A scrying bowl or mirror is often made from a translucent surface. One looks into the mirror and it is believed things can be seen such as spiritual visions. Sometimes scrying can be used for fortune telling or divination.


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