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Crystals Amethyst Polished Crystal Orbs ~ 25mm

Polished Crystal Orbs ~ 25mm
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Beautifully polished crystal orbs measuring 25mm, available in a choice of crystal and presented in a pretty drawstring pouch

Crystal Colours & Correspondences ~

Rose Quartz ~ Pale Pink ~ Love, Healing, Inner Peace

Citrine ~ Yellow ~ Attracts Money, Success and Prosperity

Amethyst ~ Purple ~ Protection, Healing, Ending Addiction

Clear Quartz ~ Clear ~ Inner Peace, Tranquility, Amplifies the power of other crystals it is placed near

Turquenite ~ Turquoise ~ Relaxation, Meditation, Clear Thought

Amazonite ~ Pale Green ~ Luck, Intuition, Protects against electromagnetic pollution, Earth Magick, Reduces anger

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